Lexapro Side Effects

Lexapore is a most important medicine and it is mostly used by the people. The most important factor is that you can use this medicine for the treatment of various disorders related to depression. It is approved by the united state drug administration. It is mostly used in the whole world because it is a most efficient medicine. The development of this medicine was initiated in 1998. The common name of lexparo is escitalopram. It is used for the treatment of several disorders but it is most efficient to treat anxiety and depression therefore it is mostly used in the united state. This medicine is available in the whole world so it is not difficult to purchase this medicine. You can purchase it from any medical store or drug store. If lexparo is not available in your country then you can use the online source for the same purpose. You can place your order online with the help of online source so it is beneficial for the patients.

The medical uses of laxparo includes various disorders but the mostly it is used for the treatment of depressive disorders and anxiety disorders. It can be used for the major depression. The efficacy rate of this medicine is highest than other drugs therefore it is mostly used by people. There are present various types of medicines related to depression in the world but among these medicine the performance of Lexparo is better than others. Laxparo is reliable and efficient than others due to its high efficacy rate. The lexparo is also used for the treatment of brain related problems in the world.

The lexapro side effects are similar to other medicines but most important symptoms are followings.

Insomnia and severe headache

Constricted pupils is also a major side effect

Dizziness, sweating and fatigue

Some time severe constipation also occur

Delayed ejaculation is a major side effect associated with the over dosage of laxparo.

Severe pain in different parts of body especially in the head and abdomen.

Hypertonia and other related problems

Clonus may occur

In some cases electric shocks occurs

Brain shivers and dizziness

These symptoms are very important than others. Similarly there are many other symptoms related to the over dosage of this medicine.  This medicine is mostly used for the treatment of depression and anxiety but its dosage is important factor. This medicine is very beneficial for the patients but its overdose can create severe problems. So it is better to consume this medicine in an accurate and prescribed quantity to avoid problems in the future. There are many type of problem reported due to the over dose of this medicine. Some important symptoms related to overdose are agitation and tachycardia. Therefore it is beneficial to use this medicine in an accurate quantity. It is better to have some information related to the dose of a medicine. So you can get these information’s with the help of your doctor.