Levitra Dosage – Information on Levitra 10mg and Levitra 20mg Dosage

The standard Levitra dosage is Levitra 10mg, and is most often prescribed by doctors to patients who are either starting an erectile dysfunction treatment for the first time, or have experienced difficulty in using competing treatments. This is because Levitra is one of the safest forms of impotence treatments available, presenting very few side effects, and also being incredibly safe and usable for older men.

However, like all erectile dysfunction treatments, it has been highly successful in helping thousands of men, of all ages, in treating and managing impotence. Depending on the experience of each individual person, the Levitra dosage will either need to be Levitra 10mg or Levitra 20mg.

What Levitra Dosage is the most effective?

As with any impotence treatment, the effectiveness will come down to the person who is using the specific treatment and that person using the treatment as prescribed. Levitras dosage makes it ideal for older men or those suffering from underlying conditions such as decreased liver function. Levitra 10mg will usually be prescribed first in such situations and many men never need to adjust their Levitra dosage to see desired results.

However, Levitra 20mg can also be prescribed if the lower dosage is proving ineffective. Since it’s also the ingredients that make Levitra safer, the higher dosage could be prescribed as well  as long as the physician is aware that the previous dosage didnt work, as well as any conditions that might have affected the initial Levitra doses.

How will I know if my Levitra Dosage is effective?

One of Levitras many advantages is the speed in which it can get to work. Some men have reported it working in as little as 15 minutes. In order to see if your Levitra dosage is effective, take the prescription as indicated by your physician. If the dosage is effective, you should see desired results anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes. If however, you see no results after this amount if time, do not take another tablet. This could be indicating that the dosage is not strong or effective enough to assist with your erectile dysfunction. You should wait 5 hours, the expected time Levitra works within the body, and monitor any change. Wait an additional day before taking another tablet.

If this still doesn’t work and bring about the desired results of being both able to achieve and maintain an erection, consult your doctor about the problem and potential alternative treatments. If you have used Levitra 10mg, it might just be a case of needing to increase the dosage to Levitra 20mg.

Can I double my Levitra dosage if it’s ineffective?

No. Taking two pills is not the same as increasing the dosage to make the impotence treatment effective. This practice is extremely dangerous and is not advised under any circumstances. Should your dosage of Levitra 10mg or Levitra 20mg prove ineffective, the best thing to do is consult your doctor or a medical professional about alternative treatments.

This is particularly important when using Levitra because chances are high you were prescribed the medication because of an underlying condition. Simply taking two tablets could seriously damage an existing condition and increase a possible health risk drastically.